AHG Reps Portal

October 2021


Atlantic Hockey Group (AHG) runs adult hockey leagues in Moncton, NB and in Halifax, NS. There are more than 70 teams split between the two leagues; and 1 or more representatives (or "reps") for each of these teams. Reps must ensure that their team is paid in full; and they must ensure that they have enough players on their rosters.


In previous years, the reps would have to call or email the AHG office to receive information pertaining to the financials or rosters of their team(s). Furthermore, payments made through software channels would have to be manually re-entered into the main AHG database. Finally, reps would have to call or email in order to receive information pertaining to free agents (players who desire to play; but are not permanently rostered on any team).


Needless to say, a software solution was needed. Firstly, we setup an online 3rd-party "payments portal" solution with an external API. We could therefore collect payments information on scheduled basis, filter and organize the raw data - and enter it into the AHG database.

I set about building a web-app frontend for the Reps Portal. I focused on ensuring a user-experience which was: simple, snappy and intuitive for the team reps. After logging in, the reps would see three main views: "Teams", "Free Agents" and "Reps Corner".

The "Teams" view would show them the teams they are reps for; clicking on a team would show them the financials and schedule info for that particular team.

The "Free Agents" view would show them the players who have made themselves available as free agents (temporary replacement players). Team reps have access to their contact information in order to pick them up for their teams.

The "Reps" view would show them messages and resources (files) relevant to them or their teams.

Example message


The Reps Portal was a success: the administrative proccesses associated with the operation of the AHG adult hockey leagues were greatly streamlined; furthermore the reps have had a much easier experience managing their teams.