ACREB Website + Database

April 2021


Atlantic Commercial Real Estate Brokerage (ACREB) is a real estate brokerage in Moncton, NB. ACREB deals in commercial properties; and like all real estate companies - they are continuously seeking out buyers.

Source: (map of Moncton, NB)


ACREB needs help promoting it's business and property listings to prospective clients; An efficient solution for storing the data for it's property listings is also required. Therefore we set about building a website in collaboration with: Bob Gorham Consulting (providing the design, copy and structure for the site) and a custom database + API.


We seperated the website into six main views: Home, About Us, Services, Properties, Careers & FAQs.

The "Home" view served as a high-level introduction to ACREB for the visitors of the website. It contains: a brief description of the company; a preview of the provided services of the company and a truncated view of the listed properties.

The "About Us" view provides a more comprehensive run-down of the company's history and purpose; the "Services" view displays a full view of ACREB's services; the "Careers" view provides a list of currently available careers with the company; finally, the "FAQs" view provides a list of frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers.

The "Properties" view was quite custom in terms of it's required development. The view would first query the properties in the ACREB database; then display them in an orderly manner on the left-hand side of the page. A custom filter interface (present near the top of the page) was built as to allow our user to filter the list of properties to their preference. Finally a custom integration with the Mapbox API was built; plotting the properties on the map - a user could navigate the general area and see where each available listing was located.


ACREB now has the means to promote it's business and it's properties in an effective manner. The website launch has promulgated ACREB's upward growth!