We Build Custom Software Solutions for Businesses

We build custom web-applications, custom databases and other software applications for mid to large-sized businesses!


Logicdraw is a software development company based out of Moncton, NB (founded by Patrick Bourgeois in 2020). We specialize in custom web-application development, database design & development, (and other custom software apps too).

We believe that software should be: reliable, easy-to-use and useful to the end-user. We provide high-quality (and affordable) software solutions which succeed in these 3 areas.

We specialize in helping companies organize their data by designing & developing custom database solutions, automating data creation/updating/deletion processes, and building custom interfaces for customers and clients of businesses.


“Patrick is a competent and accomplished software developer; he has designed, built and tested multiple commercially successful software applications (working as a sole-developer). He is quite eager to learn; he has been able to solve difficult software problems continuously.”

“Since first meeting Patrick in 2019, he has impressed me with his ability to create simple-to-use software solutions for complex problems. Patrick possesses a strong work-ethic and a keen eye for detail. I would recommend Patrick if you require web-application or database development done for your company or organization.”

“Patrick is the type of programmer that you want to work with. He is down to earth and proposes realistic solutions for your problems. I've worked with Pat on a few occasions, he is reliable and was able to deliver for our clients.”

“From my experience working with Patrick, I can say the following: he is easy to work with; he is able to meet project demands rapidly and consistently; he is able to adapt quickly to changing requirements; and he subjects his work to high-standards.”

“Patrick is very collaborative and thorough with his approach. He leaves no stone unturned and works diligently to get things done. He reviews every step of the process and is receptive to feedback and changes, applying those adjustments quickly. Patrick is a hard worker and produces quality work.”

“We have worked with Patrick on multiple projects, and have found him to be knowledgeable, efficient, and easy to work with. He is quick to understand problems and requirements, and to propose solutions. Quality work was delivered to us, on-time and on-budget.”

Business Information

Corporation Number: 1146228-8
Corporate Name: Logicdraw Inc.

To learn more about Logicdraw, visit this link here to be provided with more detail in regards to it's Federal Corporation Information.